Truck Driver

About the company

Te ara ki tua Road to success is a truck driving traineeship set up by the Road Transport Forum (RTF).


The RTF is the national representation of the road freight industry. Our industry employs 2% of New Zealand's workforce, and transports 93% of freight around New Zealand.


The industry has an aging demographic, and a growing driver shortage. We are looking to address this by creating a career pathway for the next generation of truck drivers through this traineeship.



We are welcoming of people from all background and walks of life, and are a dedicated to making our industry more diverse and inclusive, so if you've struggled to get your foot in the door previously, we are here to help you!

About the job

Do you enjoy being out by yourself driving on the road? Truck drivers love the freedom that their job brings, the banter with fellow drivers, the opportunity to travel across the country and meet great people.



Truck drivers play a valuable role in keeping New Zealand moving; from the day to day stuff like bringing you food and taking away your rubbish, through to delivering building materials and medicine - just about everything ends up on the back of a truck at some point. 

About you

Most importantly you will be motivated and passionate about becoming a truck driver. We are looking for people who want a career in road freight transport, and see themselves progressing within the industry.


You will also need to have your full licence. Candidates who have already taken steps towards pursuing this line of work will have an advantage - whether that consists of progressing your truck licence, or having transferable work experience.


Soft skills such as punctuality, communication, and being able to work hard are great.


Truck driving is strictly a (recreational) drug free work environment, so you will be expected to pass drug tests.

What to expect

You will have to work hard. Potentially early starts, late finishes or both. 


If you do not yet have your class 2 licence, a lot of the work initially may include helping out around the yard, loading and unloading trucks, all while you shadow, observe and learn from other drivers.


You will gain experience and confidence in your truck driving abilities, progressing at your own pace towards bigger trucks and longer runs. We have a training guide to support your employer in your development, as well as the suite of micro-credentials to help you get a good understanding of the fundamentals. 


As part of Te ara ki tua Road to success, you will be supported by our team in taking your first steps into the trucking industry, ensuring you settle in well to your new role. Our involvement through the traineeship will last one year, after which we will take a step back with the expectation that you will continue your employment.