Otago Boys High School

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As both an educator and an employer Otago Boys’ High School should be proud. Educating the young men of today is a tangible, worthwhile and long-lasting investment in New Zealand's social and economic future.


If you'd like to take advantage of any of the opportunities seen below, please contact Otago Boys High School directly.
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Business Walkthrough

This is swiftly showing youth through a local business, introducing them to the industry and showing them how each organisation operates.

Desk Shadowing

Jobseekers accompany an experienced worker to see what their daily workday looks like.


This is temporary work guided by more experienced workers with an emphasis on learning on the job. This may be in a paid or unpaid capacity.

NCEA Assessment

Encouraging youth to attain qualifications by offering on the job training via approved NCEA coursework.

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