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BCITO provides apprenticeship and supervisor qualifications for the New Zealand building and construction industry. Helping youth get a leg up in one of NZ's most prosperous industries, BCITO are doing their bit in support of youth nationwide!


If you'd like to take advantage of any of the opportunities seen below, please contact BCITO directly.
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Formally teaching youth trade skills via a recognized apprenticeship programme.

Business Walkthrough

This is swiftly showing youth through a local business, introducing them to the industry and showing them how each organisation operates.

Coffee Date

A quick, informal meeting focused on checking in on a young person's career and personal development progress.

Industry Entry Discussion

Meetings with workers and managers to discuss career expectations and what employers are looking for in a given industry.

Industry Standard Training

This involves upskilling youth to a level consistent with that of the industry standard. May or may not result in a formal qualification.


A formal, career and personal development focused relationship between experienced local workers and youth.

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