Hanson Rental Vehicles

Hanson Rental Vehicles is a family owned and operated business that first started in 1998. The business began with one small truck and has grown over the past 18 years to incorporate Moving Trucks, Minibuses, Trailers, Double Cab Ute's and Cars.


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Business Walkthrough

Introduce yourself to the industry and witness how the organisation operates.

Coffee Date

Grab a coffee and check in on your work and personal development progress.

CV Review

Find out what employers are looking for. Make an impression, is your CV accurate, error-free, and shares your goals, level of experience and training.

Desk Shadowing

Live a ‘day in the life’ of a person in your job interest. See what they get up to day-to-day.

Industry Entry Discussion

Meet with workers and managers to discuss job expectations and what employers are looking for in a given industry.


Earn whilst working. Paid or not, internships are an awesome experience to learn more about the industry and get your foot in the door!


A formal, work and personal development relationship between experienced local employers and you.

Mock Interview

A one-on-one learning experience , put your skills to the test and act like you are in a real world interview.

Role Reversal Interview

Flip the switch, ask employers the tough questions and get to know the industry.

Skills Review

Coming together to discuss how your current skills align with a chosen industry and to assess future avenues for training and upskilling.

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