Taking up Opportunities

By Rosaleen Ward | Posted: Monday October 16, 2017

Opportunties avaliable for young Dunedin job seekers, and the benefits of applying for them.

Youth Employment Success currently offers over 750 opportunities to local Youth from over 70 different Dunedin employers, at no cost. This list is quickly growing, with the number of various businesses offering opportunities growing each month. If you haven’t already taken advantage of any of these opportunities, what are you waiting for?

Here is our list of just a few of the benefits of applying, and which opportunities you should be applying for:

Insight into the industry

Youth Employment Success has registered Youth Employers from a wide variety of different industries, willing to share their knowledge of their industry with local Youth. This is a great opportunity to explore a day-in-the-life working in a particular industry and discover what sort of skills and training might be required. To apply for opportunities to gain more insight into an industry, check out the Business Walkthrough, Desk Shadowing and Industry Entry Discussion opportunities listed.

Meet local employers

Every opportunity listed through Youth Employment Success allows for local Youth to meet with an employer and/or staff member from a Dunedin business. This is an excellent way for Youth to make contacts from a variety of different industries in Dunedin that could prove useful to them when searching and applying for future employment. For an opportunity for a one-on-one with a Dunedin employer, check out the Coffee Date opportunities listed, and keep an eye out for us at the next Dunedin Careers Expo.

Gain confidence

The job application process can be daunting for young job seekers. Get a foot in the door and apply for opportunities that will boost your confidence when applying for jobs and going through the interview process. To have an employer look over your CV apply for our CV Review opportunities. Many employers also offer the opportunity of a Mock Interview or Role Reversal Interview, for a practice run check these out. Our Mentoring opportunities also help to boost confidence by providing the basis for a formal, career and personal development relationship between experienced local workers and youth.


Many of our employers are willing to offer Youth a Skills Review, to discuss how current skills align with a chosen industry and to assess future avenues for training and upskilling. For the right candidate, a number of our registered Youth Employers are willing to train applicants in their particular industry. This is hugely advantageous to pick up new skills and add to your CV. To inquire, check out the Apprenticeship, Industry Standard Training, Internship and NCEA Assessment opportunities listed on our website.

Every opportunity taken up is a step towards helping young job seekers determine their future in employment, what interests them, what skills they can gain, and where they can go. Make the most of the many exciting opportunities we have listed on our website, and see where they could take you! If you are an employer with opportunities to offer Dunedin youth, apply to become a registered Youth employer on our website, here.

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