Hiring Youth Employees 

By Emma Turner | Posted: Wednesday November 8, 2017

Are you looking to advertise a vacant role for a youth? Lose the traditional forms of advertising (newspaper and word of mouth) and be on the channels that youth are looking within.

With the rise of the internet and so many having their phone at your fingertips every second of every day, traditional forms of job searching have changed dramatically. With the increase of technology, businesses are leaving behind traditional forms of advertising and are moving towards digital solutions such as Trade Me Jobs, Student Job Search, and even advertising on Facebook.The use of social media is a great way to advertise vacant roles - when people see the advertisements they can tag their friends in the posts. That means the one post can reach a lot of people. The use of the workplace channels and personal social channels will activate the reach further because you are reaching a wide and different range of people. The big plus with advertising on Facebook is that it is free to use and if you choose to promote posts you can target your desired audience. Another form of social media advertising is Linkedin job advertising; this is a place where young professionals are looking for employment.

If you are looking to employ students, a good place to advertise is on Student Job Search; this is a platform in which companies can advertise without their company name being labelled on the website. This is a good way to stay anonymous and for the students to focus on the job description rather than focusing on the names of the companies.

When advertising it is important that you are doing so in a place and manner that is eye-catching to the youth; So, we have the top tips on how to do so:

  • The use of fun and interactive imagery to catch the attention

  • Ensure posts are not too wordy and the content can be easily understood.

  • Make sure that the ad has a clear call to action and how those interested are best to contact you. If it is not clear, people can be easily confused as to how to get in contact.

  • To have an effective online ad it needs to be eye-catching and something that grabs attention enough so that people take the time to read.

Doing so in common places will attract the attention of people that you wouldn’t have reached normally. Even our website, www.youthemployer.nz, is a place youth search for youth-friendly employers that are offering a wide range of career opportunities that may potentially lead to a job in the future.

If you want to become apart of the youth program and take advantage of the traffic of youth on the site. You can sign up here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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