Induction 101: Setting Up Youth For Employment Success

By Emma Turner | Posted: Saturday February 1, 2020

Setting up youth for employment success means being prepared, organised and supportive in the initial days and weeks of employment commencement. A good induction ensures the job runs smoothly and ensures new employees to hit the ground running from day one. We've put together a short checklist of must-haves for first day inductions below.

Before Day One:

Create An Equipment Checklist

This is a piece-by-piece breakdown of everything you'll need for your new employee on day one. This includes everything from pens, paper and a stapler, through to a staff uniform and a  desk and chair.  You can find a great template to put this document together here

Ready your online systems

If your new employee will need access to your computer systems, make sure you've set up the required logins and accounts prior to day one. This includes the likes of an email account, user logins, and website access.

Inform other members of staff

Make sure you tell all other staff members that the new employee is starting on a given date. This way they'll know to introduce themselves and won't be confused who the new person in the office is.

Organise additional time allocation

In reality, no one can 100% 'hit-the-ground-running' and day one is always going to be a little messy. Make sure you've got a little extra time allocated to helping out your new staff member just in case they need it. If you can't spare the time, ensure someone will always be available if they do have any concerns or queries.

Schedule Any Training

If the role requires any additional training make sure this is scheduled for well in advance of their first day. This means they can be trained 

Confirm the Start Date and Time

Reach out to the successful applicant and confirm the date and time at which you're expecting them on day one. This avoids any confusion ensures they'll be there on time.

On the day:

Confirm Working Hours

This includes the days and hours they're expected to be on site, and also your protocol for the duration and frequency of their breaks.

Introduce to the Team & the Entire Business

Show your new employee around the site, explain the ways things work in each section and highlight any key points they need to be aware of (e.g. health and safety risks). Introduce the new member of staff to the entire team, for example, through a dedicated morning tea.

Discuss Any Company Rules and Procedures

This ensures your new employee knows what is expected of them and that they are aware of any rules or procedures you have in place. This includes the likes of leave procedures and health and safety regulations.

Clearly Discuss Role Responsibilities and Expectations

Ensure your new employee is 100% clear on what they are expected to do in their role. This includes all tasks and expectations, including performance indicators and work outputs.

Show Them Thier Workspace

Introduce the employee to where they'll be working. Different jobs will have different workspaces, but make sure you introduce them to everywhere they'll come into contact with and show them how to operate machinery or equipment  properly and safely.


Ensure you have clearly shown your new employee how to execute all facets of their role and check that they are proficient and understand what the need to do. If their role encompasses a lot of tasks, they may require additional training later on.

Allocate a key point of contact 

New employees will inevitably have questions, so make sure you allocate them a key point of contact if this is not going to be yourself. We also recommend introducing this point of contact in the capacity of a mentor, meaning there is an allocated period of time once a week (or fortnightly, or monthly) to check in and see how they're getting on.

Fill in the required paperwork

Provide your new employee with the required paperwork, such as IRD and Kiwisaver forms.

For a more in-depth discussion of what your business could be doing to most successful induct new employees, check out this article by BusinessBalls.


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