Tips for Managing Young People

By Emma Turner | Posted: Tuesday September 18, 2018

Tips on how to get the best out of your young staff!

Be open to their ideas.

It is important that you create a space in which they feel safe and confident to share their ideas with management and senior leaders. It is important that they do bring their ideas to the table as they often have different ideas and thoughts to what older members of staff think - these can often be valuable contributions!

Being open to different forms of communication that steer away from the norm.

Traditionally it is seen to be informal to text your boss, but for youth, this is a perfectly normal thing to do. It is important that if you do like things to be done in a certain way, to communicate this with the youth so that they can adapt to your way of doing things.

Check in with them regularly.

Youth like being held accountable and want to be given direction. Catching up with them weekly, or even daily will give them the opportunity to raise any issues or challenges they may face in the work they are doing. This will allow you and the rest of the team to give direction and ensure that all work is being completed correctly and on time. 

Having a flexible workplace will allow productivity.

Younger people are very productive in different ways to how other generations are. They don’t necessarily need to be stuck in an office behind a desk to perform their job effectively. If you have set goals for their job, give them the freedom to achieve these in their own way. 

Clear expectations need to be set.

It is important for you as an employer, to provide clear expectations and unique goals so that the work that the youth are performing can be measured. If you are reviewing their work, it means that they are always eager to better themselves. 

Indicating future opportunities is important.

As an employer, it is important that you demonstrate that there is a clear career path within your organization.  Youth are excited about the opportunity of having opportunities in front of them. The worse case scenario is for youth to be in a job where they do not see any future or no progression. 

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