The Benefits of Offering Opportunities

By Emma Turner | Posted: Saturday February 1, 2020

There is a lot that you, as an employer, can gain by giving a young person an opportunity to gain valuable work experience too!

Ever since we started talking to local employers about their own experiences as they themselves came into the workforce, we've heard time and time again stories of success resulting from one person standing up and giving them the chance to shine. We all started somewhere, so what are you doing to help our next generation of business and community leaders grow?

Offering local youth an employment-based opportunity provides both you and the job seeker a myriad of benefits. These opportunities need not be a job per se, but can be anything from a CV Review to a Coffee Date! We've outlined some of the benefits below so take a quick read for yourself;

1) Succession Planning

Today's youth are tomorrow's leaders, and this is often something we can easily forget! Providing youth opportunities to upskill NOW really is the best way to ensure a sustainable future for your profession or industry. Barabara Wheeler from Dunedin Botanic Gardens sums this up perfectly below.

"The biggest tip i’d have is remember you’re investing in your future and in your industry. Employing young people is one of the only ways you really can invest in that future. Employers really need to be aware of that succession planning" - Barbara Wheeler, Dunedin Botanic Gardens

2) Talent Sourcing

By offering local youth formal opportunities through YES, you'll gain valuable visibility to job seekers who are looking to get into the workforce. You might just find that someone may come along who can add incredible value to your organisation who may not have otherwise made contact.

3) Relationship Building

The youth you're meeting today are likely to go on to become the movers and shakers in the community in the near future. By making face and building a relationship now, you're helping the future of your business. Think of it as a form of business networking!

4) Brand and Business Awareness

Word travels fast in youth circles, so if you're actively supporting young people and investing time in their professional development, they're likely to pass on word about just how great you are. You'll may open up your business to demographic who go on to become loyal customers and supporters themselves!

5) Personal Upskilling 

By actively offering youth opportunities you'll find your own skills in that area are improved. Say for example you sit down for a mock interview - you'll improve your own interviewing skills too, and you may discover new techniques or questions that help you find the right candidate!

These are just some of the benefits you can gain from offering job seekers opportunities. If you're currently a YES employer and would like to change or update the opportunities you're happy to offer, please send us an email at hello@youthemployer.nz. If your business isn't yet YES endorsed, please to get in touch to register your interest here!

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