The Natural Skills Youth Offer To The Workplace.

By Emma Turner | Posted: Saturday February 1, 2020

Where young people often get a bad wrap from businesses looking to employ new staff, they naturally possess a lot of unique skills, some of which they may not even be able to articulate themselves. We've put together a skills list to help you better understand what young employees could do to grow your business!

They're Good At Multitasking.

Today's youth are continually multi-tasking,  switching between their smartphones, friends, laptop and TV screen all at once. Where older staff may find it most productive to work on single tasks until completion, younger employees may find it easy to juggle multiple projects at once.

They're Online, Digital and Social Experts.

Having grown up with an iPhone in one hand and a laptop in the other, Youth employees are online natives and come equipped with a natural affinity for everything digital. Whether they help manage your Facebook and Instagram pages or work with your businesses' computer software, today's youth are quick to learn new technologies and may even be able to teach you a thing or two!

They Can Quickly Adopt New Skills.

Youth have a natural ability to quickly adopt  skills both quickly and efficiently, much faster than older employees who may require more time-intensive training. They're often the first ones to adopt new technologies and are highly intuitive when it comes to using new systems. This means that not only will your youth employees learn quickly, but they can actually help teach other members of staff, or help introduce new technologies into your business

They're Flexible in Terms of Work Hours & Have High Energy.

Younger employees often have fewer commitments and are more flexible in terms of jobs they can perform and hours that they can work. They may also maintain energy for longer periods of time than older employees, meaning they can stay productive and efficient on the job.

They're Creative and Have New Business Eyes.

Youth employees are new to the workforce meaning they offer a fresh perspective on your business and how it operates. Ask them for their opinions on how things are run. They might just come up with a more efficient solution!

They're Interpersonal with Strong Communication Skills

Gen Y are a highly interpersonal group and are strong communicators when it comes to reciprocal conversations. Because youth thrive on feedback, maintaining a two-way communication channel is essential in order for them to remain engaged and feel open to voicing their thaughts and opinions. 

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