Tips and Techniques for Interviews - Employers, this one is for you

By Emma Turner | Posted: Tuesday September 18, 2018

We provide a lot of information and resources to youth around how to ace an interview, how to make a good first impression and even where to look for employment. What we dont commonly talk about is how these processes are a two-way street.

We provide a lot of information and resources for youth around how to ace an interview, how to make a good first impression and even where to look for employment. What we don’t commonly talk about is how these processes are a two-way street and youth need interaction from employers to make this a successful employment process. 

  1. Prepare for the interview: Time and time again youth are told to prepare for the interview by knowing about the business and role they are applying for. Employers should do the same; they should take an interest in the interviewee and read their CV and know a little about them before they walk through the door. The applicant has spent a long time preparing for the interview and so should you as a sign of respect for the individual.

  2. Introduce! Introduce yourself, your role within the business, and the role that is on offer because even though the applicant should already know what the role is, it is key that you engage with them from the beginning.

  3. Body Language is key!  During the interview process body language is just as important as the conversation. Around 50% of what we as individuals take from a conversation is from non-verbal cues (body language and movement). As an employer, you wouldn’t hire someone who slouches in their seat, fidgets and does not make eye contact, so an individual is not likely to respond well to someone who does the same to them.

  4. Creating Conversation is important! Conversation is the most powerful tool to getting to know someone on more than a static level. Creating a conversation around applicants answers to your questions can show how adaptive and personable the applicant is. You want to employ someone who can not only hold a conversation but can also create conversation, so, therefore, you should also embrace silence and let them create conversation. This allows them to think on the stop and ultimately show if they prepared for the interview.

  5. Be bold and different! Regarding the questions that you ask, try to avoid the questions that will get you the same response from all participants. Come up with out-of-the-box questions that will get you interesting answers. This will show if the applicant is adaptive with the way that they answer questions and put their knowledge of the role and industry to the test.

  6. Feedback, Feedback, Feedback! As an employer, you can never give enough feedback. Whether the applicant was successful or not, any individual benefits from feedback because it can show them where they improve next time. 

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