Industry Showcase: Recruitment

By Emma Turner | Posted: Sunday September 6, 2020

Is the recruitment industry something that excites you? Why dont you give it a go?

As part of our YES programme, we have 3 of the top recruitment firms based in Dunedin offering their time to you. Platinum, Fluid and DKW recruitment have been identified as youth-friendly employers.

Employer Perspective: The Why/How

Jason from Fluid says: “The one thing that will give you direction in your career is coming and sitting at a recruitment desk for a time. Not only will you be exposed to a whole bunch of jobs, you might gain yourself a career in recruitment but you also might expose yourself to a job that you would not have known about otherwise. It is a fantastic way for youth to engage, especially in their first job.”

Rani from DKW says: “Have confidence in yourself. Go with what you truly want to be doing. You will be doing something that you love, and from there you won’t be working a day in your life.”

Youth’s Perspective: The How / The Why

Tom from Fluid says: “Just put yourself out there, it is sometimes easy to be quiet but get yourself known and get amongst.”

Eden from Fluid says: “You are challenged from day one - in my first week I was put in a chief financial officer role and was tasked to talk to people that I would never usually talk too.

Advice from Youth & Employers:

Ken from DKW says: If you can present yourself well, the business well, its a breeze.

Eden from Fluid says: Back yourself. I Don’t think enough people back themselves.

Tom from Fluid says: “Just put yourself out there, it is sometimes easy to be quiet but get yourself known and get amongst.”

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