Dunedin YES Employers Share their Advice for Youth!

By Emma Turner | Posted: Sunday February 21, 2021

We have nearly 80 Employers from a wide range of industries right here in Dunedin. Take a read of some of the advice that they have for youth getting started in their career.

Scott from Fulton Hogan says

"Get stuck in, work hard and build relationships because as you go through your career, some of those relationships with older staff can help you progress through the company."

Angus from Startup Dunedin says 

" Go out and have a chat with people. Most people in Dunedin will be more than happy to have a chat with you. That way you can round out a picture of what you would like to do with your career."

Mason from Southern Electrical says

" Take any opportunity to get work experience. It helps you determine what you like and what you don't." 

Keith from Gillions Funeral Services says

" We like to see youth with a degree of compassion, they have to be compassionate towards the situation they are working with."

Ginny From Otago Community Hospice says

" Go out there and get work experience, we have lots of opportunities for volunteering, not only in our space but also in our retail shops. Youth bring a fresh set of eyes and that young enthusiastic nature too."

Check out the opportunities that these and many of our employers are offering here: https://youthemployer.nz/opportunities/

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