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By Emma Turner | Posted: Friday June 22, 2018

Ever wondered what it would be like working within the Engineering and Fabrication industry? With over 150 years of experience in the engineering industry and more than 150 workers, Farra are true industry leaders providing both national and international customers with innovative engineering solutions. We recently spoke to Farra’s CEO, Gareth, Financial Controller Sally, and two of Farra's youth employees about what it takes to be apart of this exciting and innovative industry.

The Engineering and Fabrication industry is typically looked upon as ‘dirty work’, Gareth, CEO of Farra, explained that it is not until you become part of the trade that you begin to understand that you are apart of the creative industry, creating solutions for clients that you will gain a sense of accomplishment when you get to step back and see your work.

All with different backgrounds and journeys to where they are now, all four value the work and innovation that goes into projects completed by the team and enjoy helping one another. Here are some the questions we asked.

What are the positives in having a large range of ages working together?

Gareth: “We are very focused on the culture within our team, and the younger workers have a lot to bring to the table regarding the technology, and the oldies bring their many years of experience and knowledge to help the youth… That's the thing; it’s important for us to create a culture where if you are the oldest or the youngest, you feel comfortable to speak up and contribute and be taken seriously when you do.”

What makes Farra a ‘fun’ place to work?

Gareth: “If you put your heart and soul into your work, you will reap the rewards and achieve a lot; therefore the company will notice and nurture you through your journey.” - Gareth
Sally: “Having a wide range of personalities that you get along with that are ultimately here to get the job done - that's what makes it fun!”
Matt A: “With the wide range of industries that Farra work within; the workshop is a great place to learn from all the tradesmen about different products and projects.”
Matt C: “Having interesting stuff to do, building cool stuff and having to overcome challenges to complete the final product.”

What advice do you have for youth looking to get involved in the Engineering Industry?

Matt A: “You have got to start from the bottom, you can’t expect to jump to something big right from the beginning.”
Matt C: “Work experience is the best way to go, it shows that your interested and getting your foot in the door and giving everything a go.”
Sally: “There are opportunities out there, and it is about being proactive and seeing that they are out there.”
Gareth: ”If you can find someone within the company or industry that you feel comfortable talking to so that when you are having trouble or have an idea that you don’t know what to do with, that you can sit down and have a chat to them. Ultimately find someone who will mentor you invest in your future. To me, that's the most important thing.”

Farra are youth-friendly employers and offer a wide range of opportunities including; Apprenticeships, Business Walkthroughs, CV reviews, Internships, Mentoring, Mock Interviews and Skills reviews. If you think you might be interested in such industry and want to get in contact with Gareth, Sally or any of the team you can find them on the Youth Employer site or check out farra.nz

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