Do You Still Want To Be a Part of The YES Programme??

By Jay Phillips | Posted: Thursday September 29, 2022

We recently contacted you and haven't received a response. Are you still committed to providing employment-based opportunities to the rangatahi/youth of Eastern Southland?

Kia ora Eastern Southland YES employers, we are just checking in to ensure you are happy to continue offering employment-based opportunities to the youth in your community.

In July, we reached out to check in with you, and we haven't received a response. We wanted to ensure you are receiving our communications and that your employer profile and opportunities are up to date on the YES website. 

Why is it important to stay in contact?
Because opportunity requests are submitted via the YES website and sent to your allocated contact email, it is important that we know you are receiving communications. 

For many of our young people, YES opportunities are their first interaction with employers when looking to explore industries and career pathways and not receiving a response from an employer can be disheartening.

We understand that many of our employers are very busy or have faced challenges post-covid, so if you are unable to commit to offering opportunities to the youth in your community or you would like to put your profile on pause for a while, please let us know as soon as you can.

If you would like to continue offering opportunities, please reply to this email with "YES! I'd like to continue".

If you'd like to update your employer profile and contact information or you'd like to discuss removing or pausing your profile, please contact:

Ngā mihi 
Jay and the YES Team

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