Youth Employment Success Employer Open Sessions

By Rosaleen Ward | Posted: Monday March 6, 2017

Open the doors to your business and share your passion for your industry.

Dear YES Employer,

There has been an overwhelmingly positive reaction from the Dunedin youth in recent months. We have seen a rapid increase in young job seekers that are taking on the various opportunities available that you, our Youth-Friendly employers, have so generously offered to them.

We would now like to invite all of our YES Youth-Friendly Employers to take part in an event planned for April - Youth Employment Success – Employer Open Sessions, a week-long event providing Youth an opportunity to get an inside look at the large array of Dunedin businesses that are a part of YES.

Proposed Date: April 3rd-7th 2017

This is an opportunity for YES employers to open their doors to local youth of all different skill sets and backgrounds, and share “a day in the life,” or an hour, so to speak. This is also a fantastic opportunity for our YES employers to market their business, provide the close-up look at industry and variety of job pathways while also sharing their stories and reasons why it is such a great place to work.

To ensure the smooth running of the Open Sessions, a YES Ambassador will work alongside the employer to come up with a plan for the hour before the day that aligns with the schedule of their workplace. The running of the Open Sessions can be entirely customized by each employer; you can get as creative as you like to represent your business and your passion for your industry!

The Open Sessions will be based on the following YES opportunities:

  • Business Walkthrough (showing youth through a local business, introducing them to the industry and showing them how each organization operates)

  • Desk Shadowing (job seekers accompany an experienced worker to see what their daily workday looks like)

  • Industry Entry Discussion (discussion of career expectations and what employers are looking for in a given industry)

The YES Ambassador will also be on site to meet the group of youth that signs up to attend and take them through the workplace as per the schedule organised by YES and the employers. All visitors and YES Ambassadors will sign in on site. The open session would ideally take no more than 45-60 minutes - entirely dependent on the numbers of youth registered, and the time available to the employer.

Get in quick to secure a time and date for an Employer Open Session at your business!

Any questions do not hesitate to get in contact, hello@youthemployer.nz; we look forward to hearing from you.

The YES Team

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