Setting Goals for Job Seeking in the New Year

By Emma Turner | Posted: Tuesday December 5, 2017

Looking for employment this year? Set some goals for success with YES. 

The new year is the best time to set some solid goals around finding employment opportunities. Opportunities will not just be handed to you, you need to be proactive, but Youth Employment Success is here to help. 

Through Youth Employment Success, you have the chance to meet a variety of Dunedin employers for a range of different opportunities to help you get ahead in your job search. This could be a Coffee Date to discuss what it takes to get into an industry or even a Mock Interview which allows you to prepare for future interviews. Through these opportunities, you will receive valuable feedback from employers. 

We have over 700 opportunities listed on our website. Make the most of these opportunities to help you set goals for employment this year. Make a list of goals and action points around how and when you will achieve them. We have created an example goal list you might like to use as a starting point. 

1. Take up 10 opportunities through the YES website

  • Aim for one a month
  • Apply for different opportunities each time

2. Update my CV

3. Hand out my CV to different businesses that interest me

  • Hand my CV to 10 different businesses in the next two months

4. Make new connections 

5. Stay Positive

Goal number five is so important. Even if things don’t go to plan, stay positive. Don't let one failure determine your success - stick to your goals! 

Head over to our website and start applying for opportunities to help you achieve your job seeking goals for this year. 

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