Do You Still Want To Be a Part of The YES Programme??

By Jay Phillips | Posted: Tuesday October 11, 2022

We are off-boarding unresponsive employers, the YES Team have made multiple attempts to contact you and hasn't received a response. Are you still committed to providing employment-based opportunities to the rangatahi/youth of Eastern Southland?

Kia ora Eastern Southland YES employers, we are currently in the process of off-boarding unresponsive employers in the Eastern Southland region from the Youth Employment Success programme.

We have made multiple attempts to contact you over the previous months, and unfortunately, we have not received a response.  

Why is my business or organisation being removed from the YES website?
YES, opportunity requests are submitted via the YES website and sent to your allocated contact email, and for many of our young people, YES opportunities are their first interaction with employers when looking to explore industries and career pathways, not receiving a response from an employer can be disheartening. We want to ensure that the opportunity seekers on the platform can complete their opportunity requests to keep them motivated on their employment journey.

For this reason, employers who are not responsive to programme communications are being removed from the YES website.

We understand that many of our employers are very busy or have faced challenges post-covid, and we are grateful for your contribution to the programme thus far; if circumstances allow, in the future, we hope that you will consider offering opportunities to the young people in your community again.

If, for some reason, you have missed our previous communications, but you remain committed to supporting the YES programme and would like to continue offering opportunities, please reply to this email by no later than 12.00 pm this Thursday, October 20th 2022, "YES! I'd like to continue".

If you'd like to update your contact information, please send the updated information via email to:

Ngā mihi 
Jay and the YES Team

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