Welcome & Congratulations for Saying YES!

By Emma Turner | Posted: Monday February 17, 2020

Congratulations on your recent achievement in being recognised as one of our Youth Friendly Employers - well done! We’re working towards a New Zealand that owns our unemployment issue and works collaboratively to solve it - thank you for doing your bit in support of local youth and for saying YES to Youth Employment Success!

To our awesome new employer, 

Within this publication, you’ll find your very own Youth Employment Success Resource Toolkit; a collection of tips, tricks and information to help build your confidence and knowledge around employing youth. From ‘Ways To Get the Most Out of Youth Employees’ to ‘Simple and Effective Youth Opportunities that Won’t Cost Your Business’, we’ve tailored our toolkit to make sure you as an employer are confident in managing youth employees who are happy in their role and adding top value back to your business. In your physical toolkit, you will find a ‘We Say YES’ endorsement window sticker - make sure this goes up somewhere highly visible so that current and prospective customers know your business is actively supporting Dunedin’s youth!

After we capture your content, we will begin populating your business profile over at www.youthemployer.nz. We will let you know when this is complete so that you can double-check the details that we have provided are correct. 

Congratulations again on your Youth Friendly endorsement and thank you for saying YES to Youth Employment Success!

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Youth Employment Success Team 

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