Youth Recruitment and Employment - a tool kit for employers

By Emma Turner | Posted: Monday November 5, 2018

Youth unemployment is one of the highest stats compared to the rest of the population. Helping young people get a head start in their career will help set them up for success for the rest of their working life.

Employing young people brings innovation, fresh perspective and new skills into your work environment. It also can lead to a more sustainable business through creating stronger succession plans for the way in which youth will track through your business.

The most commonly found thing through the process of employment is that employers want to employ more youth but don’t know how to reach them or how to get them into work.

We have the perfect toolkit for all business. Updated on August 2018 - The Youth Recruitment and Employment toolkit for all employers provides insights into how to gain financial aids, guidance on the entire job recruitment process (including pre-prepared forms that employers can use) and also offers support services for things that may be happening in the youth’s personal lives.

Based on: http://www.sbc.org.nz/resources/guides/youth-employment-and-recruitment-toolkit

Using this document will help you strategize on how to connect with youth and how to do so in a manner that will allow them to interact with your business in a manner that they feel comfortable with. We hope that with the use of this tool it makes the recruitment process quicker and easier so it therefore supports you in bringing youth into your business. 

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