By Jay Haerewa | Posted: Sunday June 25, 2023

This is what's possible when you give a young person a chance! YES interviewed Reading Cinemas New Complex Manager about her journey to Youth Employment Success!!

At just 22 years old, this ⭐ super star ⭐ has shown her team that it is possible for young people to be dedicated and capable leaders. We would like to introduce you all to Megan Collins. The team at YES recently had the pleasure of catching up with Megan to share the YES kaupapa, and congratulate her on her promotion to Cinema Complex Manager at Reading Cinemas Dunedin.

Whilst discussing the value of providing young people opportunities to explore career pathways, we got to talking about Megans own employment journey. Megan started her working career at 15 years old and faced her first hurdle turning up to the wrong location for her interview, which of course made the experience even more nerve wrecking, but she must have smashed it because she landed the job. The awesome team at McDonald's Dunedin gave Megan her first shot at employment and she never looked back.

After 2.5 years as a part of the crew Megan was offered her first leadership role and became a manager. We discussed the number of skills that you learn working in a fast passed food business like McDonald's. From processes and procedures like health & safety, food handling, time management and advanced POS systems to customer service. A role like this provides an incredible foundation for your employment journey, it teaches you the skills to work well within a team whilst under pressure.

In 2020 Megan took up a role as a Cinema Worker at Reading Cinemas Dunedin, her past experiences at McDonald's afforded her the skills to be able to learn the ins and outs of her new role quickly, and as a bonus she got to watch free movies. Eager to hear the feedback on the latest films from enthusiastic customers, she soon became the resident movie buff

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