From interview tips, to contract advice or suggested training providers, we’ve put together a wealth of resources. Curated with youth employment in mind, these aim to build knowledge and bridge the gap between businesses and younger members of the workforce.

Tips for Managing Young People

Tuesday September 18, 2018

Tips on how to get the best out of your young staff!

Hiring Young Staff

Tuesday September 18, 2018

Young job seekers have a lot to offer - placed in the right nurturing environment, they can learn and grow to become incredible employees.

Tips and Techniques for Interviews - Employers, this one is for you

Tuesday September 18, 2018

We provide a lot of information and resources to youth around how to ace an interview, how to make a good first impression and even where to look for employment. What we dont commonly talk about is how these processes are a two-way street.

We Provide Opportunities to Youth that Won't Cost Anything!

Thursday June 7, 2018

Here at Youth Employment Success, we want to help youth out as much as possible with getting in to their desired industries and to do so, we offer a wide range of opportunities that wont cost you (the employer) or the youth anything other than a little bit of time!

Forward Planning for Career Success

Wednesday October 5, 2016

When it comes to choosing a job, occupation or career, there's no such thing as a right or wrong decision - your choice may be right for now, but things may change.

Different Generations in the Workforce

Tuesday July 5, 2016

The workplace can be an incredibly diverse place, with age ranges spanning those in their first jobs through to experienced work veterans. Generally speaking, different generations have different attitudes, behaviors and values as they relate to the workforce.

Hindsight Advice: Stories for Employment Success

Tuesday June 28, 2016

We recently reached out to our Facebook following and asked the question 'What piece of career advice wouldyou give your younger self if you had the chance?' We had such an amazing response that we couldn't help but share - Check out below for some words of wisdom as told by Dunedin locals and beyond!

Tales of Starting Out: Who Gave You Your First Break?

Friday June 3, 2016

We recently spoke to Darren Jennings of Otago Sheet Metal who reminded us that everyone's career has to start somewhere. Often all it takes to set off a cascade of personal and career success is for one employer to give a young person their first break. We reached out to our Facebook followers for some origins-themed inspiration - check out some of the highlights here.

Top Attributes Employers Are Looking For When Hiring Youth

Wednesday April 27, 2016

Whether you're looking to get into the workforce or already in a job, current employers are looking for a specific set of personal qualities from both prospective and current employees. We've identified eight qualities, as recognised by local employers themselves - take a look and see how you weigh up and identify any areas you could brush up on to land that new job!

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