What is YES?

Youth Employment Success is an online platform with certified employers from a variety of industries offering free employment-based opportunities to 16-24-year-olds. Whether you’re looking for a skills-based experience or an informal conversation over coffee, Youth Employment Success has something to suit everyone.

Youth Employment Success is working towards a community that actively engages and supports young people. A community that owns the youth unemployment issue and works collaboratively to solve it. We’ve gathered some great employers who are offering employment-based opportunities for young people.

Our Goals

  • Raise awareness of and create conversation about youth employment.
  • Build employer knowledge and confidence in employing young people.
  • Generate positive employment-based opportunities and jobs for young people.
  • Recognise, endorse and celebrate existing youth friendly employers.

How YES Works

  • Search for an industry/employer that interests you
  • Apply for one or more opportunities online
  • Wait the employer will be in touch to arrange a time for your opportunity
  • Engage in the opportunity
  • Feedback, let us know how it went.

Benefits for Young People

  • Meet local employers who say YES
  • Gain confidence
  • Insight into a variety of industries
  • Develop your career pathway

Find your next opportunity

Benefits for Employers

  • Peer recognition and aspiration creation for both Business and Youth
  • Connection with organisations to ease the process of employment
  • Networking and events with other Youth Friendly businesses and organisations
  • Leveraging off other business experience, knowledge and resources
  • Community recognition - we are doing something about this issue.

In addition, endorsed business benefits include:

  • Receive “We Say YES” window sticker.
  • Receive “We Say YES” branding for your own marketing use.
  • Promotion on the Youth Employer website and social channels
  • Resource Toolkit to build your confidence and knowledge around employing youth.

Become a YES Employer