• Individual & Family Services

Pact supports anyone with a need to lead a fulfilling life in the community. This support includes community support, supported accommodation and day programmes for people recovering from mental illness and people with intellectual disabilities.


If you'd like to take advantage of any of the opportunities seen below, please contact Pact directly.
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Coffee Date

A quick, informal meeting focused on checking in on a young person's career and personal development progress.

CV Review

A Resumé review to see if the content is accurate, error-free, and that experience and training match what employers are looking for.

Industry Entry Discussion

Meetings with workers and managers to discuss career expectations and what employers are looking for in a given industry.

Mock Interview

A one-on-one training exercise, structured and conducted in the same manner as a real job interview.

Role Reversal Interview

Reversing interviewee and interviewer roles, this gives youth the opportunity to ask questions about a business or industry.


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