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Dunedin Training Centre provides fees free foundation education and pre-trades vocational training. VIBE is an 8-week programme run by the training centre based on health and wellbeing principles and has a strong focus on fitness, motivation and confidence.


If you'd like to take advantage of any of the opportunities seen below, please contact Dunedin Training Centre directly.
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Business Walkthrough

This is swiftly showing youth through a local business, introducing them to the industry and showing them how each organisation operates.

Coffee Date

A quick, informal meeting focused on checking in on a young person's career and personal development progress.

CV Review

A Resumé review to see if the content is accurate, error-free, and that experience and training match what employers are looking for.

Industry Entry Discussion

Meetings with workers and managers to discuss career expectations and what employers are looking for in a given industry.

Industry Standard Training

This involves upskilling youth to a level consistent with that of the industry standard. May or may not result in a formal qualification.

Mock Interview

A one-on-one training exercise, structured and conducted in the same manner as a real job interview.

Skills Review

Coming together to discuss how current skills align with a chosen industry and to assess future avenues for training and upskilling.

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