Site Weld NZ

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Based in Dunedin, Site Weld NZ deliver a wide range of services to mining, industrial, heavy transport and forestry clients. Site Weld NZ take pride in their commitment to looking outside the square to their ability find innovative solutions. With a number of youth employees and a proven history of development opportunities, we've recognised site weld as one of Dunedin's Youth Friendly employers


If you'd like to take advantage of any of the opportunities seen below, please contact Site Weld NZ directly.
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Formally teaching youth trade skills via a recognized apprenticeship programme.

Business Walkthrough

This is swiftly showing youth through a local business, introducing them to the industry and showing them how each organisation operates.

Coffee Date

A quick, informal meeting focused on checking in on a young person's career and personal development progress.

Industry Standard Training

This involves upskilling youth to a level consistent with that of the industry standard. May or may not result in a formal qualification.


This is temporary work guided by more experienced workers with an emphasis on learning on the job. This may be in a paid or unpaid capacity.


A formal, career and personal development focused relationship between experienced local workers and youth.

Mock Interview

A one-on-one training exercise, structured and conducted in the same manner as a real job interview.

NCEA Assessment

Encouraging youth to attain qualifications by offering on the job training via approved NCEA coursework.

Skills Review

Coming together to discuss how current skills align with a chosen industry and to assess future avenues for training and upskilling.


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