Top Attributes Employers Are Looking For When Hiring Youth

By Jake McKay | Posted: Wednesday April 27, 2016

Whether you're looking to get into the workforce or already in a job, current employers are looking for a specific set of personal qualities from both prospective and current employees. We've identified eight qualities, as recognised by local employers themselves - take a look and see how you weigh up and identify any areas you could brush up on to land that new job!

1) Positive Attitude

This means being able to get back up when you fall down and having a positive perspective on the future no matter where you are now. A positive attitude in the workforce is essential, and a simple way to maintain this one is to follow these three steps:

  • Be appreciative and thank people.
  • Stay energised and try to make work fun.
  • Kill negative thoughts and respect your coworkers.

 2) Willingness To Learn 

This means being open to trying new things, or accepting opportunities to up-skill yourself and take on new roles. Employers want staff who are eager to gain experience and move up the ranks, so make sure you show this in interviews and on the job!

3) A Strong Work Ethic

A strong work ethic is essential, regardless of your role in a business.  Whether it's an entry-level position or higher up, showing discipline and the ability to deliver results on time is core to being successful in any job.

 4) Communication Skills 

This means being able to pass on information to others clearly and quickly. This includes verbal (one on one conversations), non-verbal (hand gestures and body language) or written communication skills. You don't have to have perfect spelling or handwriting, but a strong ability to communicate with customers and colleagues is essential in any role.

5) Problem-Solving Ability 

This is being able to quickly identify problems as they happen and making decisions on the best way to solve the issue by yourself. Businesses want staff who are proactive and can identify and solve problems before they happen, so never ignore problems and expect someone else to solve them later on!

6) Own Transport / Has Drivers License

No matter what job you're in or applying for, having a driver's licence is highly valued by employers as it not only means you can easily get around town, but it's also proof that you're dedicated, hard working, well-rounded and responsible.

 7) Cost Effective to Employ 

This means you are able to efficiently complete your job without your boss or other members of the team having to take time to fix your mistakes or complete tasks you did not finish. 

8) Are Manageable

This means showing respect for senior employees and is as simple as completing tasks you've been asked to do, or following directions clearly and correctly. Employers are looking for staff who turn up to work regularly, on time, and can get on with their job.

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